The Divine Light is dedicated in bringing an impactful change in the society, and empowering the young girls & women. We, at the divine light, work endlessly to bring about change in life of female who for various reasons indulging in anti social activities due to lack of  basic needs and skills which makes them venerable to certain life choices.

The organization is imparting Literacy and Vocational skills development through non formal education free of charge. All of these trainees are slum dwellers who are either illiterate or drop out of school at very early age to take care of their siblings or work as laborers.

One of the main objectives of The Devine Light is to create awareness among people on social issues, mobilize them for social action and motivate them to work together for Social development. The Society gives utmost importance to programs related to women empowerment, as they constitute the most deprived and exploited sections of our society and require special attention for its social rehabilitation. Its objectives are to import suitable training to women and make them self-dependent.

The Society promotes sustainable and equitable social development with a team of dedicated social workers, activists and volunteers. It works against all forms of social, economic and political injustice and exploitation through motivating and mobilizing youth for the welfare and development. It strives for the welfare of the economically Weaker sections such as schedule caste/tribes, unemployed youths, rural women and people belonging to low-income groups. The Society has education, community health, poverty –alleviation, environment protection, rural employment and creating a scientific temper in social life.   

Problems Statement of (Slum & Authorized) Colonies

Sangam Vihar is one of the largest resettlement colonies in terms of population in Delhi & has the largest unauthorized slum colony of Asia.  The inhabitants are migrant workers and landless laborers from various North Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bangal and Part of Madhya Pradesh etc. The whole settlement is divided into twelve blocks (A-L), each block having an average population of 30,000 people.

Health care services here are private hospitals or dispensaries functioning in the area and the people have to travel nearly three kilometres to avail these facilities. There are high rates of occurrence of diseases like Diarya, TB, typhoid, viral-hepatitis, polio, gastro-enteritis, conjunctivitis, scabies, measles, jaundice, etc. Most of these diseases are related to occupation and life style. Even the basic generic medicines are not easily available in these areas. 

Educational facilities are insufficient. There are a number unauthorized Private schools being run in this area. In the pretext of English Medium school, higher fees are charged. Education has thus become expensive. The number of school drop outs is about 40%. Girls are not sent out of the colony for education or college or even work in most cases. There is one Primary school and one high school run by the MCD  &  Delhi Government for the whole area and these schools have deplorable infrastructure and the teachers.

It was a challenge for The Divine Light to help & provide services to these under privileged community. Over the years, the organization has not only gained the confidence of the people but act as a major proponent of people’s cause for.