Our Vision/Mission


To be a respected world-class non government organization for the upliftment of under privileged, destitute, exploited and disadvantaged women and young adult girls of mainly rural and slum areas by imparting vocational training and awareness programme.

Our focus is to improve the quality of life of women and young adult girls by reducing exploitation and injustice to them.

Our Mission

The Divine Light is a nonprofit and non- government society since 1999. Our mission is empowerment of women and young adult girls. Human values are rekindled through the establishment and implementation of projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities that need assistance to come out of poverty and dehumanized conditions.

The Divine light closely collaborates with government, corporate sectors, academia and creative community.
The Divine Light works with the people and for the people in finding solutions and in creating the necessary conditions to improve their living standards and to achieve their aspiration for a just and humanized life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Divine Light promotes humanization of man, to protect the weak and the outcast and to go against all forms of discrimination, oppression, and exploitation. The Divine Light supports the voices of those who are most affected by violence and suppression.

Women’s empowerment with self-esteem, upspring of inherent quality, skill up-gradation, educating and enhancing family with happiness and healthy social order & senior citizens should fill comfortable in the family.
Aim of The Divine Light to have an effect on the eradication of poverty, the control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, education for all, health care for all, and for people to have the power to decide over their own destinies.

Our Community mobilizer and development instructors are mainly unemployed urban slum / rural youth for whom the training opens up a whole new perspective, and initiates a process of confidence building combined with an experience to take on any task under any prevailing condition. To fight with the poverty to create new ways and means for a more equitable society based on human dignity and respect.