The Devine Light is a National level NGO registered under societies registration act 1860, at the NCT of Delhi. The prime objective of the NGO is to mobilize efforts for overall development of weaker and marginalized section of Indian Society. The organization is implementing various welfare programs in Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and other part of the county and planning to expand its base in near future.

Society on its panel has so many intellectual and prominent personalities those have joined the had to promote and eradicate the social causes prevailing in our society especially in urban-slums, migrated population and rural areas. Almost people from all the streams have joined the society to promote aims and objects of the society. Society has Economist, Environmentalist, Psychologists, Sociologists, Educationist, Doctors, Engineers and Management people who are constantly putting their efforts to find out concrete solutions to the prevailing socio-economic conditions and deteriorating social structure of the society in its achievable frame.

The Society promotes sustainable and equitable social development with a team of dedicated social workers, activists and volunteers. It works against all forms of social, economic and political injustice and exploitation through motivating and mobilizing youth for the welfare and development. It strives for the welfare of the economically Weaker sections such as schedule caste/tribes, unemployed youths, rural women and people belonging to low-income groups. The Society has education, community health, poverty –alleviation, environment protection, rural employment and creating a scientific temper in social life.

One of the main objectives of The Devine Light is to create awareness among people on social issues, mobilize them for social action and motivate them to work together for Social development. The Society gives utmost importance to programs related to women empowerment, as they constitute the most deprived and exploited sections of our society and require special attention for its social rehabilitation. Its objectives are to import suitable training to women and make them self-dependent. It is also working for the welfare of rural and urban youth by providing them suitable training and employment through self help groups.

Legal Status

THE DIVINE LIGHT was formed and registered under societies registration Act 1860 vide No, S.35565 dated 8th Sept 1999 as a non-profit making secular voluntary organization. Registered under Foreign contribution Regulation Act 1976, Reg. No 231660468, Date of Reg. 11 -05 -2004.