HIV/AIDS Awareness

Here the awakening is for saving,

helping and guiding the teenagers for life skill education program. It is a right time to have these topics as a School Education as it is an open question for debate. But if we look at the present situation, the number of HIV/AIDS affected people is increasing drastically. Now everyone will have to sit up and think of the future, that we and our coming generations are stepping into. According to the conducted studies, the school children are becoming more exposed & venerable to this deadly epidemic due to many factors, like:-

    • Changed physical, emotional and social problems facing by the growing age.
    • Peer group pressure for venturing out into tabooed area of sex, drugs, cigarettes, injections etc.
    • Fashion for extra or illegal relation let it be with elders or same age group or even small children and knowing or unknowingly coming in contact with the HIV affected people.

Drug, cigarette, alcohol, physical relations, taking drugs orally or through injections are all the part of fashion among school going children and all these boost their ego. So every possibility of falling into the trap of HIV/AIDS or STD affected people. These virus or transmitted disease have incubation period of 2 to 12 yrs and by the time the facts become known, it is too late to react or think for healthy life. Once doomed is doomed forever.

All of us know that in Indian society people including parents  dictated to  teach its people morally, ethically and socially but nobody will talk about sex  and other life skill education in the open or in front of others as is considered vulgar and immoral.

We cannot stop them from the sex but we can definitely educate them on safe sex. One thing is certain: future generation will look at the present times and say: “They had a Choice.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) projects that 70 to 80 % of the women who will be infected with HIV in India they will be married women, most of whom are loyal to their husbands.

Number of  women being newly infected with HIV/AIDS in India are steadily on the rise. According to WHO, HIV prevalence rate in young women exceeded that of man.

Women are more prone to the HIV/AIDS because semen contains large quantum of virus than do the vaginal fluids. There is a high incidence of cervical erosion and inflammation that goes unnoticed in women, which facilitates easy entry of virus and infection. If safer sex is not practised, more women shall be infected.

NCR (DELHI, UP & HARYANA) are having large migratory population. Most of them are industrial labour, domestic labour, truck & auto drives and sex workers from all parts of India for their livelihood. They eat/drink and want to enjoy their life with others which is easily available here, which cause so many diseases including HIV-AIDS STDs.

Lack of awareness, Gender inequality, Social norms, economic dependency and fear of violence often prevent them from insisting on preventive methods as condom use or say no.         

Maximum number of migrated labour is from all part of India, Most of them are truck drivers; Auto drivers, Industrial labour, Construction Labour and women of this group are considered a high-risk population for AIDS. AIDS, literally, is a life-and-death issue.

India’s challenge is to engage people in talking about sex beyond disease and death. Especially youth (male & female), because sex is on their minds most of the time and there are no comfort zones to discuss these issues.

It cannot be stopped but the speed of its spread can be checked by a systematic campaign.